The renowned junior GT racing outfit has been a British GT Championship regular since team principal Nathan Freke made a one-off appearance in 2009. He returned in 2010 as reigning Ginetta G50 Cup champion and immediately showed his class by finishing third in the GT4 standings.

2014 witnessed Century's greatest success when it claimed the GT4 Teams' crown.

However, 2017 represents the squad's biggest challenge yet when it graduates to the senior GT3 category for this first time as Ginetta's designated factory team. Freke partners American youngster Harry Gottsacker in the first of two confirmed entries, while 16-year-old Texan Parker Chase is joined by Charlie Robertson in the second. 


2017 British GT3, 2x Ginetta G55 GT3 with Nathan Freke & Harry Gottsacker and Parker Chase & Charlie Robertson

2016 British GT4, 2x Ginetta G55 GT4 with Nathan Freke & Anna Walewska and Aleksander Schjerpen & Sean Byrne 4th Teams'

2015 British GT4, 2x Ginetta G55 GT4 with James Birch & Aleksander Schjerpen and Anna Walewska & Rob Garofall 5th Teams'

2014 British GT4, 2x Ginetta G55 GT4 with Rick Parfitt Jnr & Tom Oliphant and Aleksander Schjerpen & Morten Dons 1st Teams', 4th & 5th Drivers (1 win)

2013 British GT4, Ginetta G50 GT4 with Declan Jones & Zone Wenham/Nathan Freke 2nd Teams' & Drivers' (3 wins)

2012 British GT4, Ginetta G50 GT4 with Zoe Wenham & Dominic Evans/Mike Simpson 2nd & 3rd Drivers'

2011 British GT4, Ginetta G50 GT4 with Jake Rattenbury & Josh Wakefield 4th Drivers' (1 win)

2010 British GT4, 2x Ginetta G50 GT4 with Vibe Smed & Nathan Freke and Benji Hetherington & Freddie Hetherington 3rd & 5th Drivers' (3 wins)

2009 British GT4, 2x Ginetta G50 GT4 with Nathan Freke & Benji Hetherington (1 race)

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